ArtWork for the Quarter

Our plans are to encourage and stimulate localised artwork to enhance and identify the quarter and the independence it stands for, getting local artists involved is a fabulous way to raise the profile of the quarter and to make it look more inviting for visitors.

What do we have planned?

  • Murals & Lettering on Walls: Plans are 5 or 6 full scale works on key walls in the quarter. 
  • Small Scale Individual Artworks - 25/30 pieces each one a project in its own right - interested artists will be supplied with pieces of primed ply sized from 2ftx2ft up to 4ft x4ft and asked to do an individual artwork, these will then be treated with exterior acrylic varnish and displayed mounted on walls throughout the quarter.
  • Other projects: projection / 3d sculpture / gorilla gardening / pavement artworks ...  

This is just the beginning of on going opportunities to get involved and be a part of the development of an extensive array of potential projects in the area.

It's A Subject Matter

Artwork should incorporate the concepts of the Sheffield Antiques Quarter so be something linked to the themes of Retro, Vintage, Arts, Antiques and Salvage.. 
In addition the hope is that some works will involve collaboration with the community to include schools and local groups.

Why on Earth 

We are asking artists to get involved for the love of our city, the quarter and support of all that is local and independent. Although the SAQ have some money for materials and a few specific projects (from our crowdfunding appeal We sadly cannot pay for your time, However we are happy to display and promote artists, you will gain exposure, you are free to use us in your portfolio, and you will get that  fuzzy feeling because you did something fabulous for your community, not forgetting of course a chance to show your family, mates and your Nan how talented you are (she will be so proud!)

I'm interested, What next?

Phase one applications should be submitted by Thursday 30th April.

applications should consist of:

  • 4 photographs of your most recent art work.
  • an idea of what you intend to produce for the quarter.
  • a rough estimate of the cost of your project.

If you would require a wall, shop kickboard, sculpture space or wall board?

All details should be emailed for the attention of Karla Gabbitas at